• Duct bending line in modular version.

    Build up your line along with your recuirements growth with our modular innovative solution.
  • Our cutting edge machines accelerates your production efficiency.

    Make your product faster and with better quality with our solid machines and production lines.
  • Complete solution for your production strategy.

    We provide machines and lines tailored best for your needs and with good cooperation with our partners we are ready to deliver complete solution for most demanding tasks.
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Thoughtful Design

Functionality, reliability, reduced maintenance - that quides our design.

Latest Techniques

We keep track of modern mechanical and automation solutions to select what's best.

Fast and Durable

Well designed machines reaches their optimum of fast operation and durability.

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Our story.

For over 12 years Simmech company have been delivered products and solutions for the worldwide market. Our clients are factories dealing with metal sheet processing, mostly from ventilation branch, food keeping industry, construction market and heating devices market. In time as we operate we gain much experience in technology of steel processing, in machine and automation designing and management.  We constantly improve our designs.

We have build good relations with our clients that let us become bigger company and realizing big projects.

We offer machines and lines for steel coil unwinding, straightening, cut to length, slitting  and rectangular bending.

We want our company to grow along with growth of our customers. We take good care of machine’s quality, long life time operation, good service and support.

We invite You to cooperate with us!

Cut to lenght line


Model: Edge LCAW 1000 line - slitting and cut to lenght line


Automatic lines for coil processing. Machine decoils the metal sheet of thickness from 0.4 to 3 [mm], the coil weight up to 8 000 [kg] and width up to 1.25 [m].

Configuration depends on the customer's specififcation.

The line realize following processes: decoiling, straightening, [slitting/ hole punching], cutting to length, transverse profiling, foiling, stacking on the conveyor belt or stationary table.

Line is dedicated for stainless steel. Line is equipped with a double decoiler.

Cuto to lenght machine


Line includes: 

1. Decoiler - selectable from our offer: powered or unpowered, double arm/ one arm/simple.
2. Sheet guiding module.
3. Straightening unit/ feeder - Straightener with hardened 7 shafts, scratch free, with upper
shafts individually adjustable, feeder with servo sheet precise feeder [+/-] 0.1 / 250mm feed
4. Cutting unit with electrically driven guillotine suitable for 0,4 -1 mm stainless steel, knifes
5. Receiving table.


Technical specification:


Parameter Value
Coil mass 
8000 kg
Coil width
min. 250 up to max. 1500 mm
Steel sheet thickness min. 0,40 max. 3 mm, stainless steel
Material's characterisctics

mild steel, stainless steel, Rm<750N/mm²

Precision of cut dimension +/- 1 mm / 1000 mm
Shaft’s quantity up to 15 hardened shafts, depending on mterial parameters, straightening may be scratch free
Guillotine mechanism electrically driven guillotine, knifes included
Coil change-over depending on selected decoiler manual or half automatic
Efficiency 4 workpieces with a length of 900mm / 1 min.
Machine commands input method

PLC/ HMI control Start/Stop, length, set by master controller or by operator.
Setting the quantity, length of the sheet, speed and other proces’s parameters set with
color touch screen HMI (human machine interface).
Operating language – English/ German / Russian - selectable

Communication interface for
machine’s integration

Network interface/ hard wired signals or mixed .


We offer full adaptation of the line to factorie's field layout, installation, employees training, guarantee and post guarantee service.


About us

Simmech is a company with over 12 years of experience in the steel processing technology, constantly improving our solution and technology of machine building to reach client's satisfation.



ul. Spacerowa 116

34-144 Izdebnik, Poland

tel. +48 601 745 636

Mo-Fr: 8.00 - 16.00